7 Ecommerce Marketing Secrets SMEs Can Learn from Large Companies

eCommerce marketing techniques are not just for large companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, or McDonald’s. The reality is that not only can your SME use the same eCommerce marketing strategies if you currently aren’t, but you are also missing out on easy ways to grow your business. Your status as an SME can feel differentiating. However, the size of your company does not dictate what marketing strategies you can and can’t prioritise.

Reputation Management Tips for SMEs

Reputation means a lot in business.

Large companies with millions of customers can afford a couple of bad reviews. They already have established brand trust. SMEs need to remain cautious because even one bad review can affect sales. Bad customer testimonials or a poor reputation hurts every company, but SMEs are much more volatile. Why? Because the reputation of a smaller business is much more susceptible to changes due to one bad customer review.

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