Does this sound familiar

The Multi-Channel Revenue Growth Scenario is designed for organisations in a very specific situation. Does the below describe your current situation?

I have…

…a fairly established business and am doing OK revenue-wise. All or most of my sales opportunities come from one revenue stream only.

I need to.....

…diversify my revenue sources. It’s not a great business strategy to keep all my eggs in one basket. What if I lose my current source of leads?

I also want…

…a better online presence. If I diversify my marketing then my website and socials will be seen by many more prospects than today. I want to impress them!

Your Solution

There are multiple options for online and offline revenue sources: Google, Social Media advertising, email campaigns, various forms of content marketing, partnerships and many more.

In order to successfully diversify your revenue you need to:

(1) understand which of these channels to select for your business (spoiler alert: that mostly depends on your buyers);

(2) know how to effectively use them so that they generate business opportunities for you.

Also, multiple marketing channels mean that many more people will check out your company online and judge it based on what they see and read. If you want to make most of the attention you generate and avoid wasting money, you need to ensure your online presence is top-notch.

Interested in ticking all of these boxes? Consider our Multi-Channel Revenue Growth Scenario as that’s exactly what it does.

Collect $4,100
in value

You might work with us or not, but these 2 things will
be yours 100% FREE of charge:


Are you ready for a strong ROI if you invest in Facebook marketing? This service, worth $500, will answer that question for you.

Multichannel Game Plan

Collect this $1,200 tailor-made plan recommending channels & initiatives your business should leverage to diversify revenue sources. There’s more though. Work with us and we will throw this freebie in too:

Lead2Client Conversion Course

A practical course on converting leads into clients, normally offered for $2,400.


Once we agree that Multi-Channel Revenue is the growth scenario that fits your needs best, our cooperation will be governed by the following 5-step process:



Our Growth Strategy Directors will develop a game plan, consisting of 2 key elements: the goal we want to reach and the steps that will get us there. It’s free and even at this stage you can still choose not to work with us with zero consequences.



First things first. Will conduct our free online audit to make sure that the way you appear online won’t hurt your ROI. Note: we will simultaneously help you develop better deal-closing skills during this time.



This is when we will put our consultants, and strategists to work and start executing the initiatives defined in Step  which will allow you to create a multi-channel revenue growth approach.



Each initiative will have clearly defined goals. In order to achieve them we will test, compare and optimise until we make sure that we are 100% on track to success.



Goal Reached! This is when we toast to your success and decide if you would like to continue working with us to achieve even more. 


Regardless if our Miltu-Channel Revenue Growth Scenario is the right solution for you or not, let’s have a chat. We’re offering you a free consultation, so that we can better understand your business challenges and suggest solutions

Note: this doesn’t entail any fees or obligations. In fact, even the next step – a customised campaign plan – is 100% free as well.

Not sure if this is for you?

Here are a few alternatives

If the Multi-Channel Revenue Growth Scenario isn't the right solution for you, have a look below. We leverage digital and non-digital know-how to put you in control of your growth. Pick what your business needs and we’ll make it happen.

Instant Leads

Do you need to generate revenue asap? Do you want to collect the lowest hanging fruit before you engage in more sophisticated plans? This scenario is for you.

Automated Growth

Are you ready to leverage technology to create a robust marketing machinery that will fill your pipeline with prospects from all stages of the sales funnel? Visit this page.


Do you want to grow your business by yourself, but would feel more comfortable having a digital expert at your side to regularly consult with? Go here.

Tailored Insights

Do you need a smaller service, targeting a very specific growth-related problem? We might have something for you. Here are a few marketing gems!

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