Where And How To Position Your Marketing Messages To Sell More

September 24, 2021

Showing the right messages to the right people at the right time helps you to sell more

Developing strong marketing messaging is fundamental to the success of your digital marketing initiatives. In the below article, we zoom in on typical “vessels” for your messages. Where should you use them to secure revenue for your business? If you haven't developed your marketing messages yet, or you think there might be room for improvement, make sure to download our guide "How to develop marketing messages that generate revenue" or scroll all the way to the end of this article. If you are ready to get started immediately, you might want to start by interviewing your buyers. Or, if you are short on time, get us to do it for you.


Where to include your messages to sell more

Each website's key pages are the homepage, the about us page, and the services or products pages. These are also the pages where your messaging should be most prominent.

How to include your messages

Use the “Rule of Three”. According to this ancient principle, things and concepts that come in threes are much easier for people to consume and remember. It’s quite fascinating actually, google it! That’s why on your homepage consider a section such as “three reasons to work with us”. Or on the about us page present three neatly defined principles that your company stands for. This will make it easy for your visitors to grasp what your business is about.

Savvy Tip: Don’t “bury” your key messages. We see this often. People hide USPs on a sub-page somewhere. Customer testimonials are presented in a place that no one will ever find or visit. Visitors spend 15 seconds on a page on average. Make it easy for them to immediately see the most powerful things you have to say. The “Rule of Three” is a handy trick, but your most important messages should consistently reappear throughout the copy of all of your pages. Having the same themes presented everywhere will ensure that your visitors have a consistent image and understanding of your business.

If you don't have a website or you think it might be time for an update, have a look at our website service for SMEs.

What is the desired result

Suppose you make it easy for your visitors to access information about the key things that define your business. In that case, you will achieve one very desirable outcome: you will convert visitors into business opportunities. Website visitors will be more likely to take the step you want them to. In return, you will sell more.

Social Media

Where to include your messages to sell more

All of your social media content should include your messages.

How to include your messages

Publish educational content that supports your key messages. That way all your content is consistent with the image you want to create. For example, if one of your USP is around customer service, then write a crisp post about five things that define good customer service in your industry. Or, if your catering company’s main message is about healthy ingredients, design an infographic that explains the difference between ingredients usually found in wholesale and those sourced from organic farms.

Savvy Tip: Although it’s not advisable to use social media for self-promotion only, it is OK if some of your content is about your business specifically. We recommend sticking to the 80/20 rule. You can use this type of content to directly zoom in on your USPs, the values you stand for or share interesting case studies or testimonials obtained from your customers.

What is the desired result

Most people in your audience are not ready to buy yet. If, however, your communication consistently touches upon topics valuable to your buyers, you will increase your chance of being top of mind for people who are sales-ready and in return sell more.

Free Resources & Content

Where to include your messages to sell more

All content you want to prepare for your audience: e.g. blogs, articles, white papers or eBooks.

How to include your messages

The approach we recommend is very similar to the one suggested for social media. The only difference is that you shouldn’t directly talk about your company at all.
What you want to do is weave your business identity into the content you produce.

For example, let’s say that you work in operational consulting and help small retail chains refine their in-store processes to become ready for further expansion. One of your key differentiators is using change management techniques which makes your improvements sustainable in the long-term. This is a great opportunity for you to write a detailed article or eBook on how to handle resistance to change and ensure compliance with new processes. This way, you won’t promote your business or key USPs directly, but create an appetite for an approach such as yours.

And if someone who appreciates your content checks out your website, they will see a business that offers a service consistent with this approach.

What is the desired result

Exactly as is the case with social media, creating content around your key messages will help you push your prospects down the sales funnel. This encourage them to buy from you when they are ready to do so and help you sell more.

Sales & Marekting Materials

Where to include your messages to sell more

Once you develop your messaging, make sure to include them in all your materials, This includes presentations, 1-pagers, leaflets, proposals and even sales scripts.

How to include your messages

If someone wants you to send through a 1-pager about your business or a proposal, they are also likely to be interested in understanding your key strengths and the reasons they should trust you. That’s why you should always summarise these things in a short paragraph. Ensure to include a testimonial or other token of credibility too.
We also recommend including some of these messages in your sales scripts. Whenever you speak with a potential client, you should be able to explain why they should buy your product or service instead of a competitor’s.

What is the desired result

Well-developed messaging will either encourage your prospects to proceed to the next step or even convince them that you are the supplier they have been looking for. In other words, it will help you to sell more.

Digital Campaigns

Where to include your messages to sell more

Regardless of the channel, you select, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, email or other, you should include your key messages in the copy of your ads and landing pages.

How to include your messages

Whenever you (or someone you commission to do that) run digital campaigns, make sure to develop a few versions of the ad copy and the landing page. Each of them should focus on something different. Include info about your service or product, something that makes your offering unique, a value that you think would be especially important to your audience or an aspect that builds your credibility as a supplier.

What is the desired result

If you have a good understanding of the things that make your business unique, valuable, and credible, you can experiment with what works best. This will allow you to use data to secure much better returns from your digital campaigns.

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