Our Story

Digital marketing agencies suck! We hear you. 99% of businesses we work with have been burned by said agencies who make lofty promises and then fail to take responsibility for their failure to help you grow.

That’s the exact reason why we exist. You see, most marketing agencies are built on creative expertise. That, however, is NOT what is needed for effective and profitable digital marketing for businesses.

Our founder Mareike Niedermeier decided it was time to cut through the bull*** and took her dedication to business growth to the next level.

She set out on 10-year mission to identify what exactly makes digital campaigns effective and she turned it into processes and frameworks that allow Sales Savvy Online to deliver what usually only corporates with big budgets can afford.

Launched in 2019, we set out to change the way businesses approach their digital marketing, making it profitable! Today our team serves more than 50 clients in 4 countries, from our headquarters in Barangaroo, Sydney, and our frameworks are now used in Australia, Europe, the US and the UAE🤯.

It’s not rocket science. It’s starting with the foundations, removing personal preference and sticking to what works. You can read more about our process here and you can even do it all yourself if you like. We share all tools and templates needed in our resources.

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Our Customers

Adrian Fowler

Director, EBAS Group


Mareike and her team have been nothing short of amazing. It has been effortless from beginning to end, so much so, that I have since started 10+ other projects with her.

Steve Champion

Director, ER Strategies


In one key area of our business, our name comes up tops for web searches in both ppc marketing and also organic clicks. We couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved working in partnership with Sales Savvy!

Holly Parfitt

Co-Founder , KitchensInc

The SalesSavvy team have worked wonders for the growth of our business and really taken us to the next level.

Joanna Ryglewicz

Owner, Oio Lab

I run a few beauty product businesses, both niche and mainstream, in a very competitive market. Over the years, I have worked with a bunch of agencies – from small to very big ones, but I’ve always struggled to see the results. No agency brought as amazing results as SalesSavvy. I really appreciate their knowledge and business approach.

Joanna Ryglewicz

Fouder, Oio Lab


Over the years, I have worked with a bunch of agencies – from small to very big ones, but I’ve always struggled to see the results. No agency brought as amazing results as SalesSavvy. I really appreciate their knowledge and business approach. They took the time to understand my business and the market I operate in. They act fast, keep maximising outcomes, are always ready to help, and I know they always make decisions based on my business goals. If you’re looking for a trusted and effective marketing partner, SalesSavvy is the company you should talk to!

Liz Jackson

Manager, Sydney Catholic Schools


SalesSavvy taught me how to develop and build my sales strategy. The one-on-one consultations gave me time and space to build my confidence, improve my knowledge and understanding of the sales funnel and how best to communicate with my customers.

Mark Skrzypiec

Director, Vanatage Point Management


Sales Savvy Online has helped Vantage Point Management define our business and positioning in the market. Their input was valuable in creating key messaging for our website and marketing materials in turn unlocking previously untapped potential.

Anna Leite

Business Unit Manager, Westrac


Very insightful and provided a very comprehensive recommendation covering many areas of my business unit. I’m confident that we will achieve sales performance improvements by implementing the key solutions SalesSavvy presented to us.

Felicity Spence

Co-Founder, Kitchens Inc


The SalesSavvy team have worked wonders for the growth of our business and really taken us to the next level. We are a small startup business and had previously engaged other marketing companies which turned out to be less than helpful and cost us a lot of money. The team has helped us with all of our Google Ads plus setting up a CRM system.

Alexandra Cole

Business Manager, Australian Skilled Migration


The SalesSavvy team has been instrumental in defining our new brand identity and ensuring our website converts visitors to leads. Their team updated our company’s branding and designed a brand new website which we love. With more than 12,000 monthly visitors through SEO, it was crucial for us to maintain our SEO rankings after the re-design. We are happy to report that we not only kept our rankings but our website authority has also increased, so has the quality of leads we are getting through. SalesSavvy should be your go-to partner for digital marketing related matters.

Neale Anderson

Neil Anderson

Director, Urbotanica


Excellent, practical advice on what your digital marketing strategy should be and they produce high-quality work to help you execute that plan.

Holly Parfitt

Owner, Kitchens Inc


We engaged SalesSavvy to develop our website, including all messaging. It’s been enlightening and helpful in so many aspects. As a new business, we struggled to communicate what truly makes us special. Now we understand who we are and why people should work with us.

Have a marketing-related question?

It is often difficult for business owners and overloaded internal marketers to figure out what they really need to reach their goals. This is why we offer 30-minute free strategy sessions with one of our Digital Strategy Directors.

This is NOT a disguised sales pitch! For 30 minutes, we speak about whatever is on your mind. You can ask all your questions and get answers from marketing professionals who are 💯 committed to helping you grow your business.


The principles

that guide us

We are ruthless. Ruthless in the pursuit of your business goals 🚀. We don't care about creating pretty websites that you like or campaign messages that your team loves. We care about your target market. Because and we are sorry to tell you that, marketing campaigns (the effective ones) are not about you or your business. They are about your target market. 

No Bells & Whistles

If we recommend something should be done, then that’s because it will make a difference to your bottom line. We will never suggest lofty campaigns so we can fill our pockets. Also, marketing jargon is cringe. We speak your language.

Flexible Partnership

We partner with you to achieve carefully set goals. If you are not happy with how things are going then you can always opt out. We never lock customers in long-term contracts, That’s something used by those who are afraid they won’t deliver.

Structure, Not Art

Digital marketing is often perceived as an intuitive art. That’s not what we believe. Just like operations, finance or any other function in a business, sales and marketing can be planned and executed to achieve desired outcomes.

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